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Mining Free Bitcoin

Mining Free Bitcoin - Before we are talking about the possibility Mining Free Bitcoin it's good if We explain what is Bitcoin and how Bitcoin works, Bitcoin is a form of technology advances where is the Bitcoin change the world financial system that exists today, Bitcoin is very phenomenal as a Digital Currency or known as Cryptocurrency. Unlike the Modern Financial system, Bitcoin is Open and anyone can have it by Mine the Bitcoin or purchase it from brokers.

At 2009, An anonymous group or someone calls Satoshi Nakamoto created a new Digital Currency with a very new system which the currency is uncontrollable by any organization or country and its mineable, the best thing from this new Digital Currency or Bitcoin it open source and with adequate device you will able to access any transaction logs. Because Bitcoin is very popular day by day it's become more precious and at 2017, Bitcoin price stops at the highest record which it at $19,783.06 level per coin. Hold your horses, before you start to jump in be it purchase or Mining Bitcoin it much better if you know more about the risks that associated with Bitcoin itself.


As you know Bitcoin is a Digital Currency which there is no physical shape, when you get your hand of it you have to store it in very secure wallet because Bitcoin is vulnerable and many hacker or scammer will target you, the Bitcoin all of the kind wallet have their advantages and disadvantages so you have to think carefully to make a choice which kind wallet will you use.

Limitation Usage

Bitcoin becomes so much popular and the price very fantastic with that everyone wants to take a share of the pie, but you have to know that Not all merchant accepts Bitcoin, not everyone knows about Bitcoin so it will cause you a headache by having it but don't know where should use it.

Unstable Price

Like Modern paper money, Bitcoin also has their exchange rate but it's price more volatile and depends on Cryptocurrencies Market exchange. Merchants availability and miners amount also able to affect its price (Simple Rule: With more supply, it will bring down the price). Bitcoin vulnerable to International Economic issues, for example, some countries ' reactions to Bitcoin. The point is Bitcoin able to make you poor in an instant so be careful.

No Assurance

Because of it so popular and everyone starts to mine Bitcoin or invest on it plus bitcoin price very tempting, some country wants to limit bitcoin movement in their country, because of that there is no financial authority take responsibility for any loss or problems that may occur in future.

Vulnerable to Scams

Today, World has no limit everyone able to explore it without any restriction positive or negative you will able to find it anywhere as long your hardware connect to the Internet, Digital World is free for anyone because of it, there are various kinds of fraud and you could become a victim if you are not careful when concerned with Bitcoin. Some Country still drafting regulations regarding digital currency and your Bitcoin not protected yet by the Law, so be a wise and be careful.

Bitcoin can become an alternate instrument for you to make more money be it as investment or payment instrument, Although there are some risks along with Bitcoin but its very alluring and able to make huge profit in very short term, to avoid and be more secure you have to learn more about Bitcoin and keep update your information. So, what do you think about Bitcoin? Do you interested to try Mining Bitcoin ?

Worry Free to Start Mining Bitcoin

Mining Free Bitcoin - After you know a little more about what is Bitcoin and the risks associated to start Mining Bitcoin and worry-free from unnecessary problems and thought at least for now you need to prepare something beforehand, here you will learn "how does Bitcoin Mining work?", "Is possible to Mining Free Bitcoin?" and "How to Optimize your Earning?". Basically, to mine Bitcoin isn't an easy thing but with right steps, it will much easier.

How Mining Bitcoin Work?

Before start to Mine Bitcoin, the best is you should start to learn how to mine Bitcoin and how it will work. Bitcoin Mining is a legal thing and it will happen when to start running a verification program called SHA256 to validate the Bitcoin transaction and meet security requirements Blockchain Network, as for Mining Speed be measured with Hash (H/s = Hash per Second). Bitcoin Network will send the payment to miner for they hard work to provide computerized services and solve and verify the Blockchain Network.

Hardware Preparation

Blockchain Network (Bitcoin) will send the payment to bitcoin miners for them to provide computerized services, and this payment will come from New Bitcoin Bock and Fee included in any Bitcoin transaction which has validated by Miners. At first, to mine Bitcoin you able to do that with your CPU or VGA card but because the competition becomes more and more intense it no more enough and required higher and more powerful hardware that we knew it as ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) which The First Generation ASIC hundred times more powerful than your VGA Card or CPU, But the goods very expensive and consume so much electricity power everytime you use it to mine Bitcoin.

Mining Software

After done with Hardware preparation, now you have to choose and pick the right Software for your Bitcoin Mining activity. The software will help you to run, check your miners status and income, there are so many kind software out there be it free or paid one.

Join Bitcoin Mining Pool

You have chosen your Hardware and Software, now it much better for you to join Bitcoin Mining Pool. What is that? Mining Pool is a group of miners like you that combine their computerized resources into one to find a new Block Reward and verifying the Blockchain Transactions to gain the reward faster, Can I Mine Bitcoin without Join the Pool? Yes, you can, but with Bitcoin Mining Difficulty increase every day it would almost impossible for you to Solve the Block Reward by you own.

Bitcoin Wallet

To receive your payment from working very hard, you need a special wallet that only works for Bitcoin, with it you will able to get what you deserve. Bitcoin Wallet will give you a very unique code only just for you like your wallet address, but it's important for you to remember you have to keep the Wallet securely because there are so many threats like got hacked, Forgot your credentials, and etc. At least, active the 2FA (2-factor authentication) or you should consider to use Multisig Wallet (Multi-Signature Wallet).

Follow Up Bitcoin News

To be successful with your short or long term Bitcoin Investment the last thing but important it to following Up the latest News of Bitcoin, with it you will have insight and timing to buy or sell Bitcoin to make more profits.

To start Mining Bitcoin isn't a simple thing, there are a lot thing need to be prepared before to avoid unnecessary problem, at least you have to get ready bleed you self because you have to spend Thousand Hundred Dollar just for the Hardware (AntMiner or GPU Rigs), a place for your Mining Farm, Electricity Cost, Thoroughness in doing a research in every aspect concerned with Bitcoin Mining and risks involved. But, If you don't want hard on your self maybe Cloud Bitcoin Mining is perfect for you, what is Cloud Bitcoin Mining? Services that offered by Companies which engage in the field of Bitcoin Mining, with Cloud Mining you will have less problem to start Mining the Bitcoin.

Mining Free Bitcoin, It's Possible?

Mining Free Bitcoin? It depends on what you are talking about, it's true Mining Free Bitcoin is a legit thing everyone able to start mine it without any restriction as long you have appropriate things and you could say it as your Initial Investment. But if any talking about Mining Free Bitcoin without any Investment it more likely someone trying to scam you.


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